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About us


Welcome to niceyrig!
At Niceyrig, we focus on photography accessories design and manufacture. We aim to provide exceptional products with reasonable price to photographers and filmmakers. We would like to help you build the perfect camera equipment settings, and share those amazing and genius ideas to others. We are not just for selling something to people, the more important thing is sharing and communication. Hope the photographers/ filmmakerse can find the products they are expecting in Niceyrig.

To discuss your product thoughts or design ideas, you can comments on our FB pages at

To join Niceyrig Facebook Group:


In this group we will discuss camera issues, accessories combinations, and will provide occasional discount and special offers from the Niceyrig store for members.

To share your Rig designing ideas, please talk to us via:
[email protected]

Niceyrig is always here for you. Thank you!

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