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Set Your Rigs with Niceyrig!
Niceyrig has always been committed to designing and producing practical and affordable camera accessories for filmmakers and photography enthusiasts.Communication and sharing enable Niceyrig to further understand the needs of photographers, effectively development and design rigs to provide a rich options for DIY settings and fit the needs of equipment construction in different shooting scenes.

Niceyrig Facebook Group Promotion Activity
  - Join Niceyrig DIY Camera Rigs Groups enjoy 5% discount.
Activity Rules:
1. Join Niceyrig Facebook group will get a 5% discount coupon
2. 5% coupon code is shown on the group announcement
3. Coupon cannot be reused, apply to the order over $19.99
4. Coupon validity :  3 months

Please Note:
This coupon cannot be used for items of pre-order and dealer page.

Join in now: https:/www.facebook.com/groups/475744993046691/

Any questions please contact us via Facebook message or [email protected].
We will get back to you within 24 hours on bussiness days.

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